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Am I the only person who thinks that when some one says/writes “I seen …” instead of “I saw …” they sound 1,000,000x more stupid than an average person who can properly conjugate verbs?  It’s so common especially where I’m from to hear that and it just makes my skin crawl. 


I’m not really a grammar nazi (though I will admit I am a pronunciation nazi) I know my grammar isn’t perfect but dear god is it that hard to at least try?  Not only does improper verb conjugations drive me crazy but double negative that aren’t used correctly just make me sigh and shake my head in pity. 

"I ain’t never been there."

"You ain’t never seen her."

It was painful just to think of those sentences!  But come on … really?  If you talk like this it’s as if you’re asking people to think you’re stupid. 

I’ll admit I occasionally watch Jerry Springer because I think it’s funny (I’m a bitch I find entertainment in making fun of the intelligence of the guests/actors or at least how they portray themselves.  Don’t get me started on the situations they get themselves in.)  Though sometimes I get frustrated by their speech I have to change the channel, yeah it’s that bad.  I’m asking for it though by watching something that’s only slightly more intellectual than Jersey Shore (I watched the first episode and view the fact that I actually survived the whole 40 minutes as quite an accomplishment.)  The reason I consider Jerry Springer to be more intellectual than Jersey Shore is because of that segment at the end where Jerry actually says some really smart things and gives good advice. 

Ok that was a relatively random paragraph though still somewhat relevant to my original topic of peoples’ inability to properly speak.  And in saying that it makes me think of an episode of The Hog’s Head in wich Travis Prinzi says that children are often told by teachers that they are saying things wrong.  He thinks that this is a bad thing and that people should be aloud to say things as they wish.  At least that’s what I understood from what he was saying.  I obviously disagree with him on this.  There are rules for every language and I believe that these rules should be followed to allow for the greatest understanding.  I believe there are multiple was of saying the same thing obviously most languages allow variances of sentence structure and synonyms and such.  I suppose I just find it frustrating that people think it’s ok to sound stupid … why would you want that?

I know this is just my opinion however I strive to sound as intelligent as I can (depending on the subject that can be difficult) because to me whether you actually are smart or not doesn’t matter (fake it till you make it as they say) but if you can fool someone into thinking you are super smart well that makes you pretty damn smart in my book.  To me intelligence is everything.  I suppose because I was raised by people who weren’t particularly educated (at least beyond high school) it made me want to be better.  I’m horribly ambitious (obviously) and don’t understand why other people wouldn’t also want to reach their maximum potential.

How the hell did I go from complaining about people not being able to conjugate verbs and use double negatives properly turn into me writing about how I strive to be as intelligent as i possibly can?  I ramble so much!  I do this in real life too haha.

On a side note Tumblr spell check considers book to be two separate words “bo” and “ok” and says it’s spelled wrong lol.

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